The Color Workshop

The Color Workshop

Richard Mehl, instructor
One day workshop, 6 hours
late March, date to be determined
Tuition $175
Pre-enroll if you are interested and we will contact you with the date and when the minimum student requirement is met.

The Color Workshop is focused on Josef Albers and the color illusion
experiments he invented and documented in his classic book
Interaction of Color. The workshop is a truly joyful and often revelatory
experience helping visual artists understand color as a design principle.
The lessons learned are engaging, memorable, and useful as it teaches
the concepts for generating ideas and solving visual problems.

Projects will be created in gouache and/or color aid papers.

“The aim of such study is to develop—through experience—by trial and error—an eye for color … it means development of observation and articulation…. This book, therefore, does not follow an academic conception of ‘theory and practice.’ It reverses the order and places practice before theory, which, after all, is the conclusion of practice.”Join the author of Playing with Color in his West Coast Color workshop!

Richard Mehl, author of Playing with Color