Skills Building

As an instructor and artist, I am always trying to improve my skills set to pass on to students and in my own artwork. There is always something new to learn or a new way of approaching known skills. This class was developed so I could be responsive to both simultaneously.

Art class is an exchange of information and inspiration where we can fill our cups up. It is also a time to be present for those times we have to see and then do, this way we are able to identify the questions, process the activity and learn exponentially.

This schedule is based on the work I am currently doing that inevitably becomes my long term goal: creating a body of work. September 17 for 10 weeks: Contemporary Drawing join Sansanee, as a way to find your voice and work toward professional objectives.

October 18, 9-11:30am: Designing a Landscape (following a workshop with Jill Carver)

November 8, 9-11:30am: Painting Practices for Oil Painters (following a workshop with Natural Pigments)

December 6, 9-11:30am: Notan, the power of design

January 10, 2020, 9-11:30am: Big ideas, small studies for a body of work