Portraits from Life

Instructor | Denise Wada
Mondays | 9 am – 1 pm
9-10 am | One hour presentation
10am – 1 pm | life model
Tuition $55

Fridays | 12 – 3 pm
3 hour instruction, self portrait

Tution $75 when you enroll for both days

This life drawing class is practice at interpreting how to compose all that we see and taking what is important. We start with a good selection.
That means practicing without photographic references because our retinas do not see a photo the same way it sees in life. The photo distorts values on the high and low ends and flattens the middle values. The ssecond generation of a print out will make both value and color fugitive.
Mondays will begin with objectives for getting a great start. We will create a vision with the composition, design, and our overall impression. A demonstration to show how to depict the form with 3 values, and features with angles and shape relationships. With this practice we will learn how to make critical judgements quickly, extracting only what is valuable to our vision. Students will then have 3 hours to create as many starts, moving around the model.
Fridays will begin with a demonstration and a critique to review the pose, from Monday or an in class self portrait. A self portrait is the best model because he or she is always available and you can touch to feel the reference points. We will take each facial structure apart and reconstruct it for accuracy. Theory and demonstration will be used to help students with trouble areas.

  • Composition and Design
  • Values for the key
  • Plumb lines and angles
  • Understanding the Planes
  • Light, Shadow, and Color
  • Perspective and Edges
  • Getting a Likeness