Plein Air Painting in Cuba

Plein Air Painting in Cuba

February 17-23, 2019

Project For Amor and The Art Studio
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You are invited to join a unique Cuban adventure designed for plein air artists of every skill level and their family and friends. We will experience the island country’s culture, cuisine, architecture, and hospitality while we visit two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We will immerse our-selves in the environment from the vibrant energy of Havana to the beauty and tranquility of the Viñales coun-tryside. This seven day, six night tour will feature discus-sions with local artists, city tours with resident experts, meals at Cuba’s best restaurants, instruction from Cuba’s most famous landscape painters, and much more. Artists will explore, experience, and paint in five separate locations throughout Havana and Viñales to capture the beauty of this unique island on canvas.

Our local Cuban plein air painting masters, Frank Mujica and Consuelo Mendoza, will be give optional workshops during our sessions. You can enjoy your plein air experience with as little or as much instruction and critique as you desire. For the non-painting art enthusiasts, otherwise known as family and friends, you will enjoy city tours and visits to galleries, art museums, boutiques, farms, and Hemingway’s estate. Plus, there will be many excursions that we will all take together giving us a profound glimpse into Cuban culture and daily life through behind-the-scene access to artist studios and interaction with our local hosts.

I hope you will take advantage of this exclusive artistic travel opportunity and join us to paint or just to immerse yourself in the arts and culture of Cuba. Space is limited to 24 artists and travelers so make your reservation today!

Buen Viaje, Denise Wada