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Painting from the Masters

Guest Instructor | Catherine Bobkoski
Date | April 8 – May 13, 2019
Six Mondays  | 1pm-4pm
Tuition | $330
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Copying the works of great master artists is a time-honored method for learning how to paint, draw and compose pictures. In this six week workshop, you will study the work of several master artists, both living and historical, and learn different methods for understanding and learning from their work – from linear sketches and simple thumbnails, to monochrome painting, to creating a full-color master copy. Through this practice, you will learn the fundamentals of composition, controlling and organizing values, mixing color, manipulating edges, and paint application. Each week will build on the lessons of the previous week. Students will work in an alla-prima or wet-into-wet style, which builds confidence and painting skills quickly.

The last part of the class will focus on how to borrow effectively from the masters in order to create unique, original work. Frequent instructor demonstrations and hands-on help mean this class is ideal for beginner to intermediate students. 

Discover the techniques that make Master art so compelling to view and paint

Catherine Bobkoski is still life and figurative painter whose work celebrates the simple beauty of ordinary things. She teaches classes, workshops and conducts painting demonstrations throughout Southern California. Bobkoski is currently represented by Sanders Galleries in Tucson, Arizona. She exhibits in shows nationally.