Merging Art & Design

Merging Art & Design

This was presented as Painting & Drawing but will change to a 4-week course, Oct 15th

Instructor | Denise Wada
Starts October 15- November 12
Tuesdays | 4 – 5:30 pm
Tuition | $163
Includes all supplies

Art is a journey and this class is an exploration for students to find his or her creativity, interest, and mindfulness. This painting and drawing class will feed artistic expression while students learn to communicate his or her unique ideas with water-based paints, color pencils, pastels, and markers.

This is a four week class where students will be introduced to various water media and drawing tools. The objective for students is to investigate his or her interest, get inspired by learning about other artists, improve or develop new skills,  problem solve using the 12 outlined visual elements; in an exploration to find expression of concepts and ideas.

  • The class will begin with a brief presentation while students do warm up exercises for strengthening their eye-hand coordination.
  • Students will learn how they can use the twelve visual elements within the projects.
  • This class will present the different uses of art, both commercial (graphic design) or noncommercial (fine art).
  • Each student can decide what direction to explore whether it is more graphic design (i.e. a poster) or artistic representational and non-objective.
  • This class can be objective driven with the creation of a vision board; to inspire and define the elements and feelings they want to depict in their project.