Live Model Mondays

Every Monday | 9am-12pm
Uninstructed | Make drawing directly from life part of your practice.
Cost $20 (3 hours) or $25 (four hours)
All levels and mediums

Working from life offers great benefits:

  • learning to find and edit your position,
  • finding a composition,
  • developing sensibilities to take three-dimensional form and apply it to a two-dimensional picture plane,
  • avoiding distortion from our cameras and printing devices
  • seeing the true nature of values and color.

Our models sit, lay or stand on an elevated stage for greater visibility. We offer a variety of professional direct lighting for dramatic chiaroscuro effects. You are welcome to use our easels, tables, and chairs to work from. Bring your art supplies for either drawing or painting and share some quiet space creating art.

Go to our schedule and enroll on the day you would like to join. Please pay cash, seating is on a first-come basis as space is limited to 10 artists.