Introduction to the Visual Arts

Introduction to the Visual Arts

Instructor | Denise Wada
8 Mondays | January 29 – March 19, 2018
Time | 4 – 5:30 pm
Ages  | 8 – 17 years
Tuition | $296, plus $20 materials fee
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How do we create GOOD design?

  • Can you identify what design principle each icon represents?
  • Where, in our surroundings do we see these elements?
  • How are the applications of these principles helpful to design?

This eight week class is geared to teach young artists the foundation for good design. For the purpose of learning how to create “good” design, we will learn how to brainstorm conceptual ideas. Projects will allow students to practice the principles of design: balance, proportion, unity, pattern/texture, movement, repition/rhythm, space, emphasis, and simplicity. Each week will highlight different principles to develop a language for creative thinking. Each class  will include a review of the previous week’s project so we can build on and increase our understanding of creating “good” design. We will experiment with a variety of materials: paper, graphite, charcoal, pastel, and watercolor, sculpey, acrylic and/or oil paint.

Project based learning projects: A selection of the examples below will be used based on class progress.
• Leaf Stencil: explore principals for good design
• Notan Compositions: learn light and dark make strong compositions
• Blind Contour Drawings: fun exercises to improve ways to look and see.
• Fruit Drawing: learn how to create compositions and draw from life
• Pizza Box Portfolios: learn about graphic design, typography, and storytelling
• Dry Bones Puppet: three-dimensional form.
• Exquisite Corpse Book: brainstorm, plan and execute