Denise Wada, owner

DeniseAs a child, I loved to draw horses. I would check out books from the library and take them home to draw the covers. But as I grew up, I began to fill my time with other interests. In preparing for college, I encountered two dilemmas: school and major. My heart went toward illustration but my pragmatism said graphic design, and I had to submit a portfolio to either Cal State Long Beach or The Art Center. In the end, I received a BfA from California State University Long Beach in Graphic Design.

It wasn’t until I sought art classes for my six-year-old daughter that I found The Art Studio. Immediately, I began taking weekly classes and, full circle, I found my youthful love for art.

As a self-taught artist in drawing and painting, I take numerous workshops, read books, visit museums, and continually practice, practice, practice. It is my vision, as an instructor, to help others find an artistic interest that will feed their soul. We strive to make learning both, serious and fun.