Art Parties

artPartyTAS offers a creative and unique alternative to the traditional birthday party! Taught by our art instructor, every party goer participates and completes an art piece. This party can be tailored to the age, gender and interest of the party goers. We provide the creative space, art supplies and instruction for their project and you provide the cake.

Whether you are 10 or 70, keep that inner child alive through artistic expression. Here are some creative ideas for your next event. You will have the ease of bringing your party supplies and guests to our location:

  • Birthday Parties where everyone gets a present to take home! A fun alternative to the bounce house, Boomers, bowling, or movie party.
  • Baby Showers where everyone creates a painting for the mother and child-to-be. These can be hung together to form a larger collage style hanging.
  • Bridal or Girls Day/Night Out is great bonding time by bringing out your friends; creative side! Bring your party tray and beverages!

Contact us or call 714-899-6001 for details, scheduling and prices.