Contemporary Drawing Class

Contemporary Drawing Class

Wednesdays | 1 -3pm
Tuition | $350/ten, $148/four, or $39/class
Add $30, $15, or $4, respectively for art supplies

Contemporary Drawing class allows students to explore a variety of wet and/or dry mediums. Students are encouraged to learn how the various drawing mediums: charcoal, pastel, colored pencil, ink, gouache, and graphite can add creativity to your art.

Sign up for all 10 weeks to receive a variety of lessons and save money. All supplies are included.

Introduction to these themes:

  • Gesture drawing, linear & mass drawings.
  • Learn to use compress charcoal, pencil charcoal, Conte, pencil, pen.
  • Continuous and monochromatic drawings. Pastel, color pencils, marker, pen.
  • Gestalt, negative and positive space. Color ink, liquid acrylic paint, pen.
  • Understand what makes a master artist. Be inspired by some elements of our master work to make your own version. Use all media and techniques from the previous weeks
  • Playing with color schemes– monochromatic, analogous, triadic, complimentary, tetradic, and split complimentary
  • Expressive pet portrait or self portrait