Abstract & Landscape

Abstract & Landscape

Instructor | Jim Ellsberry
Wednesdays | 12:30-3:00 pm, Enroll

Jim Ellsberry is teaching a weekly class for instruction in Landscape Oil Painting and Abstract Art in Multi-medium.

This is an ongoing class led by artist and instructor Jim Ellsberry. A painter for over 40 years, Jim uses principles of both traditional and non-traditional art to help students build confidence, paint with greater freedom, and strengthen their individual approach to art making.

Jim is a landscape and an abstract painter.  Students of all experienced levels and interests are encouraged to join this on-going class. For artists interested in traditional painting, color mixing and achieving “depth” in a painting are stressed, plus key principles of color theory are taught and used to create believable representational paintings. For Abstract painters, principles common to all art are stressed: simplification, composition, shape, color, value, and depth perspective on a 2D surface; plus students learn to expand their paint-handling abilities and understand modern materials used in abstract painting. The class is structured as an open studio where each student receives individual attention and help from the instructor 

All artists have a unique visual voice, and this class will help to bring that voice into greater clarity for each artist.