Color Theory... continued

Color Theory… continued

Instructor | Taylor Montague
3 Wednesdays | August 19, 26 and September 2, 2015
Time | 6-9 pm
Tuition |      $195

Due to the overwhelming excitement of color, we have continued the Color Theory class for three more weeks. Join us as we will delve more deeply into how to choose the correct colors to produce a certain mood or atmosphere. Taylor will construct specific still life settings with clear objectives on how you can paint to create space, light and shadow. We will put our knowledge of color into practice and learn from our classmates the variations of painting hue, value, saturation, and color harmonies. Each Wednesday will increase the working knowledge from the previous week’s instruction.

Continuing students will apply what they’ve learned:

  • Implement the nine step value scale and light logic principals.
  • Apply basic color properties including value, hue, temperature, saturation and visual weight.
  • Experiment with color harmonies as learned.

Objective for New students:

  • With some basic understanding of color, Taylor will guide students to experiment with color harmonies in order to achieve atmosphere and mood.