Painting Portraits in Charcoal and Oil

Painting Portraits in Charcoal and Oil

Guest Instructor | Catherine Bobkoski
Date | January 27 – March 23, 2020 (no class Presidents day, 2/17)
Eight Mondays  | 1pm-4pm
Tuition | $440

Do you want to paint beautiful and expressive portraits?

Join Catherine as she explores the joys and challenges of depicting the portrait using both charcoal and oil paint.

In this class, you will learn the basics of drawing with a fun, painterly approach. By using a variety of charcoal materials and tools like paint brushes, blending stumps and rags, you will learn to create beautiful portraits and improve your drawing skills with a technique that closely mimics painting.

This painterly charcoal technique also translates readily to oil painting, so your drawing practice will directly inform and improve your painting. We will work through crucial skills like drawing accurately with paint, using color efficiently and creating a value plan. Each class session will build on the previous lesson and feature frequent instructor demonstrations and lots of hands-on help. This class is ideal for painters who want to improve their draftsmanship, or for beginners who want to build a foundation in drawing.