Character Poster

Instructor | Madison Johnson
3 Sat | Sept 8-22, 2018
Time | 2:30-4:30pm
Tuition | $125, $10 materials fee

The objective of this three day workshop is to teach students a process that will heighten his or her creativity as they work through the design of a character poster. We will warm up each day with icebreaker exercises. Week one will introduce students to the brainstorming process necessary to push creative thinking. Special attention to the characters shape and line quality will refine the ideas. Week two will teach composition as the refined characters become the focus of the poster. Week three will bring the previous work into final art where values will be applied to the design. Recommended ages, 9 and up years with some drawing experience.

  • Learn the power of brainstorming for character ideas
  • Learn how to edit and refine in order to present the best designs
  • Design a composition that highlights your characters
  • Improve your pen and ink linework for character emphasis
  • Incorporate values to create depth and character interest
  • Use 3-5 Copic markers in gray values