Best Painting Practices Workshop

Best Painting Practices Workshop

I am excited to have George O’Hanlon and Tatiana Zaytseva share their expertise in a matter relevant to all oil painters. I’ve taken both workshops and it has taken me into a new trajectory that takes seriously the methods I use, the pride of implementing best painting practices in painting, and the quality and longevity I pass on to my collectors.

Dates | October 9, 10 and 11, 2020
Times | 9am – 5 pm
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For over a hundred years, most causes of paint failures have been studied: humidity, temperature and paint embrittlement. The symptoms were obvious—cracking, delaminating and paint loss—but the causes were not. Conservation workers gradually formed concepts as to the causes of cracking and paint loss of old paintings. Concurrently, the coatings industry studied failures in all types of paint films. Artists developed their own ideas, but remained largely unaware of findings from both the conservation community and the coatings industry.

Natural Pigments spent years developing a technical workshop to teach skills that are not taught in art school and universities—a thorough understanding of artist’s materials and tools, what they are designed to do, when to chose them and how to provide considerable longevity to your finished work. This workshop covers the most important aspects of painting that have proven to be the best practices over the centuries.

The information-packed workshop includes all aspects of constructing a painting from the support and ground to the final layers. Practical procedures will be clearly explained and demonstrated on how to build your oil paintings based on conservation research during the past century. This workshop is designed for painters of all mediums, but special emphasis is given to oil painting.

These three days will provide more information on the craft of painting than most art students learn in four years of art school.