Beginning Oil Painting Workshop

Beginning Oil Painting Workshop

Six Wednesdays
October 16-November 20, 2019
Time | 9am-11pm
Tuition | $295
January 14 – February 19, 2020
Time | 9am-11pm
Tuition | $295

(Save $75 by avoiding purchasing supplies: odorless mineral spirits, turp container, palette, palette knife, brushes, professional grade oil paint, paper towels)

For those new to oil paint who want to learn the best practices, what supplies are needed, the difference between paints, brushes, painting surfaces, and mediums. In addition to exploring the materials, students will learn to think and see like an artist as they dive into painting. Develop a visual vocabulary, artistic objectives, and the techniques to get you there.

  • Lessons will teach you how to:
  • Conceptualize a painting
  • Understanding values and color
  • Design in a composition
  • How to make three-dimensional objects on a flat surface
  • Create a focal point
  • Brush work and edges
  • Painting from life

This is an experiential learning class. Each student will have an opportunity to work from still life setups and explore an interest in portraiture, landscape, still life, animals, and/or interior scenes.

Week One: Introduction to supplies, supports, and color fundamentals. Create a Notan painting
Week Two: Interpreting color: hue, value, temperature chroma
Week Three: Still life master copy
Week Four: Still life, painting from life
Week Five: optional landscape master copy

Students have the option to learn from master copies or simple still life setups that will complement the lessons learned. Paintings from photographs is not encouraged but if it meets the student’s objectives it can be an option.

Students have the option to learn from master copies or photographs that will complement the lessons learned.