Beginning Draw & Watercolor

Beginning Draw & Watercolor

Instructor | Sansanee Boonyad
Date | March 12-April 30, 2019
Tuesdays  | 9:30 am-12:30 pm
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  • 3/19 | Master copy Flat was
  • 3/26 | Wet into Wet experiments
  • 4/2 | Master copy Wet into Wet
  • 4/9 | Glazing project
  • 4/16 | Flower watercolor
  • 4/23 | Into to landscap
  • 4/30 | Finished landscape painting

New workshop – Drawing essentials to help students gain confidence with their watercolor painting. In this 8-week workshop, each class will offer a painting that illustrates a style and the painting techniques used. Students will prepare well designed drawings while practicing watercolor techniques.

Weeks One & Two: Learn how to see and draw the form of a single rose, then apply the techniques of glazing, color mixing and color harmony. Students will work from life and photos.

Weeks Three and Four: The skies have been gorgeous! Students will learn to paint sky and clouds with washes and how design landscape paintings with textures.

Weeks Five and Six: Learn what the Masters knew as we combine design, drawing and painting in our master copies. Students will gain insight to why the art resonates so that we can create a vision for ourselves as we practice techniques, and it all begins with the drawing.

This is a great starting point to discover some great artists that will continue to inspire you to draw and paint.