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6450 Westminster Blvd. Westminster, CA 92683

The Art Studio LLC is guided by the belief that artists are made, not born. Our highly skilled instructors are dedicated to offering children, teens and adults, in all levels of proficiency, an art education.

The Art Studio LLC is dedicated to offering classes and workshops that help individuals meet artistic goals, whether it’s recreational or professional and anywhere in between. Learning requires discipline and our weekly art classes encourages artists to develop at a steady pace from which they can build on. The Art Studio, it’s instructors, art classes, workshops, and art camps will excite in you that urge create and learn more. We are committed to excellence in art education and the quality of your efforts will reflect this commitment.

Spend a few minutes in a class and if you want to stay you can pay a tuition that fits your goal. Register here.  Read our Refund Policy

The Art Studio LLC
6450 Westminster Ave
-Westminster, California  92683
You can reach us by phone: 714-899-6001 or 714-787-8020

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